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A number of club members are willing to give presentations to Local Societies. For further information click on the Society name and send an email to the Secretary who will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Subject Society
Tasmania: A range of displays covering: Stamps (mostly pictorials), Postal History; Revenues & Railways: Instructional Markings; Tattersall's Lottery; Postal Stationery; Social HistoryWokingham
The Harold King Collection: Covers the development of Australia. The presentation is notable for the cartographic skill of the originatorWokingham
Gibraltar to 1935 (Various aspects)Wokingham
The Royal Engraver (Cjeslaw Slania)Wokingham
Winter Sports; Olympics; ScoutingWokingham
The Stories, Myths and Legends of Old ChinaThatcham
Ideas and inventions that changed the worldThatcham
Postboxes and the royal mailThatcham
The Englishman Who Posted HimselfThatcham
The stamps and postal history of Estonia to 1945Amersham
The postal history of Estonia to 1945 (half evening)Amersham
Pre-Union South Africa (half evening)Amersham
Stamps of Iceland 1873 to 1945 (half evening)Amersham
The Bechuanalands Maidenhead
The British LevantMaidenhead
The Morocco Agencies Maidenhead
The Persian Gulf Maidenhead

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